Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a style defined medical practice. What this means is that each of its adepts will usually follow a specific textual or family lineage of practice. For instance, David White is a Neijing Acupuncturist and generally prescribes herbal medicine using the Shanghanlun or Piweilun traditions as his framework. Other styles may be described as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Wenbingxue, Menghe, Japanese Acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture, or even Neuro-anatomical Acupuncture. Each of these styles have their benefits, some may be better at treating and managing psycho-emotional disorders and others may be better at treating musculo-skeletal disorders, the patient and practitioner needs to find what works best for them. Of course some are considered more complete than the others and are all-inclusive in their applications.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

The clinical practice of Chinese medicine has been developed into a fine science for over two millenia. Using the same theoretical basis as acupuncture, herbal medicine can be used for a number of issues. At David White's clinic he employs the use of traditional raw herbs in Chinese medicine which must be cooked like a soup in a ceramic pot or powdered herbs which are more easily prepared through simply mixing the prescription with warm water. Some conditions benefit greater from raw herbs and others from powdered herbs, which one is right for you will be determined within the initial consultation.

In addition to herbs being taken internally David is well trained in the external application of herbs in Chinese medicine for sporting injuries (he has treated many top athletes and martial artists for over 18 years using Chinese medicine) and for certain skin disorders. External prescriptions can either be custom made or are ready made.

All herbal ingredients used at David White's clinical practice are recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and are selected through consultation with the Endangered Species Certification Scheme. No endangered animal or herbal products are ever used in any prescription from this clinic.

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