Nei Gong

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) are Chinese yogic like exercises involving specific movements, meditation and breathing methods for health and longevity. Qi 氣 is often translated as "life force", "energy" or "breath". The character itself is made up of two radicals, one for rice and one for steam (both representing our two primary sources of energy, the food we eat and the air we breath). Gong 功 can be translated as "cultivation", "awareness", or "force / power". Qigong 戚 功 is therefore the practice and philosophy of cultivating one's Qi through breath work. Qigong is also a relatively new term, Neigong is the more specific and traditional term and relates to "internal cultivation".

Currently Qigong / Neigong tuition is available in either private one on one or two person groups. David teaches two forms of Qigong / Neigong, one called Dao-yin and the other named Baduanjin. Both are briefly described below:


Dao-yin is a series of self-massage and stretching exercises within the Qigong / Neigong tradition and are designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles and tendons of the body. Most of the Daoyin exercises taught by David White come from his many years as a pupil of John Dolic. These exercises are combined with meditative breathing and mindfulness (or emptiness) in a seated position.


This is a specific set of Qigong / Neigong movements associated with the internal directions of the organs. The movements are practiced with breath-control techniques.

Neijiaquan: Baguazhang:

Private instruction in Baguazhang of the Liang Shi Lineage is available. Please email

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