Cupping therapy is a specialised technique that has a very long history throughout Asia, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe. Cupping was also a large part of conventional medicine in the west for a period of time.

Cupping involves the use of rounded, smooth, glass jars and fire to create a suction on the skin. There is no pain involved and the flame is purely used to remove the oxygen from the glass jar and never comes into contact with the skin. Cupping can be used on a number of areas, such as the shoulder, back, hips, buttock, legs and abdomen for a number of conditions ranging from common cold and flu to smoking cessation to pain (both acute and chronic).

In regards to how cupping works the following is in relation to pain and musculoskeletal conditions: cupping's suction enables the soft tissue and fascia along withe skin to be drawn up (as opposed to massage which requires a downward pressure). This soft tissue manipulation allows for space to be created between skin, fascia and muscles. When space is created often adhesions due to injuries are separated evenly resulting in less pain and more stability of the area. In many cases where pain and stagnation (particularly when cold has lodged in a muscular region) cupping will produce Sha or a bruised look to the skin. Don't worry though this is not permanent and not painful.


Known as Gua Sha, scraping is a method with a similar history and function to that of cupping above. This technique is simple and involves the use of a smooth, flat object (such as a ceramic spoon, coin, or custom made "scraper) which is rubbed in a specific manner to create fiction and manipulate the soft tissue. Gua Sha is particularly useful for large areas of pain, immobility due to fascial adhesion, and cold.


Anmo Tuina is the specific massage method used by David White. David’s massage techniques are incorporated into treatments where he sees fit. He does not take massage bookings.

For exceptional massage his city clinic, located within Max Remedial, has some of the finest massage therapists in Australia under the guidance of Peter Furness. Please visit Max Remedial for more information.

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