Initial Consultation

The initial consultation for Acupuncture at David White Classical Acupuncture is rather simple. You simply need to bring yourself, the attached sheet below, and any documents related to your condition.

It is advisable to have something small to eat beforehand and classically it is said one should avoid the following things immediately before or after treatment:

  • Caffeine (so a bit of a break after having your coffee)

  • Alcohol

  • Sex

  • Heavy lifting (rest is important post-acupuncture)

  • Over eating.

  • Exhaustion (running etc).

Besides that just come along as yourself and we will look after you. If you happen to have indulged in one of the above before a session just let Dr. White know and he will advise on the best plan of action. 

 It is clinic policy to book your first 3 sessions at the same time as your initial. This allows for both confidence and trust that we are both dedicated to making you healthier. These can certainly be changed if they are not needed or you feel that acupuncture and Chinese medicine is not right for you, it does allow for no delay in your treatment sessions. David White's clinic can become easily booked out for some time. A full price list can be found here.